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We will be issuing the student’s Transcripts of Records as soon as their UC local grades have been uploaded by the lecturers and validated by the services. This also includes the full year students.
However, it is important to bear in mind that our IT system only allows the Transcript of Records to be printed after the re-sit examination period finishes.

For more information about the UC grading scale please check the link

UC TR’s include, not only, the local grade, but also the (corresponding) ECTS grade. This information is automatically generated by our IT system (platform) and cannot be changed, since;

the classification obtained in the ECTS grading scale at the University of Coimbra is based on the distribution of the grades in the range of 10 to 20 obtained by all students in a course unit or in a degree’s final classification corresponding to the three academic years prior to those grades taking into account a minimum cohort of 30 approved or graduated students. 

In general, we try to accomplish the ERASMUS+ rule that the Transcript needs to be delivered to the home university no later than 5 weeks after the assessment period has finished at the receiving HEI.

Based on our previous experience and according to our academic calendar[1], TRs will be send, until March (1st semester students) and until September (2nd semester/annual students) at the latest.

Usually, a scanned (signed/stamped) version of the TR is sent, both to the student him/herself, as well as, to the partner institution.

Currently, TR’s are only provided in an electronic version (UC provides, no longer, the paper version).

For any further information about this issue, please contact directly the Head of the International Relations Unit (further contacts at


The Confirmation of Study Period should be requested directly at the International Relations Unit (IRU), according to the following remarks:

  • The first day of the stay will be the first day of classes, as established in the academic calendar OR the day students attended the general meeting, held by the IRU (DRI/UC). In case the student arrived later, the Confirmation will express the real date of registration at our office.
  • The last day of the student’s stay at UC will be the day students contact, physically and in person, the IRU and has to be within the date of the semester, as established by our academic calendar. This does not include seminar papers or other types of evaluation, handed in online

Students should only leave Coimbra after certifying him/herself that he/she doesn’t need to attend re-sit examination period.

This information is given to all of students, repeatedly.

– After the Mobility part

Since all the information regarding course completion required by the Erasmus+ is included in the UC Transcript of Records, we do not provide the After the mobility part of the Learning Agreement. Students are often advised to collect the originals of their Learning Agreements (or any other documents) in our front office, prior to their departure.

[1] 1st semester re-sit examination period ends on the 1st week of February;
2nd semester re-sit examination period ends on the 1stweek of July;
The IRO/FEUC closes for summer holidays in August,usually, for 3 weeks