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Coimbra, May 2019

RE: STUDENT MOBILITY WITHIN ERASMUS+/Other mobilities programs (2019/2020)

Dear Student,

Bem vindo(a)! Welcome to Coimbra and to the Faculty of Economics!

We would like to inform you that the application procedure (online system) at the University of Coimbra is mandatory. It should be done at

Please read the application guide carefully, before starting the application and follow the instructions in order to fill in the forms correctly.

The deadlines for registration are:

- 1st semester (September 2019 – February 2020) and full year: 15th July 2019

- 2nd semester (February 2020 – July 2020): 15th December 2019

You may find the academic calendar 2019/20 (Portuguese version) at

You may also find the updated information for 2019/2020 on our web site


THE WORKLOAD FOR ONE SEMESTER IS 30 ECTS. At FEUC we do not accept students with an incomplete Learning Agreement.

You can either choose courses from the 1st cycle studies (in any of our 4 bachelor degrees) –, or from the 2nd cycle studies (Masters in Economics, Sociology and Management ). Regarding the 2nd cycle studies, only these three courses accept mobility students, since all other courses have restricted numerus clausus.

Some EXCEPTIONS may be considered, if previously requested and analysed by the corresponding coordination.

- At FEUC ALL courses are lectured in Portuguese, except the ones listed in - courses in English 2019/20

Concerning all other courses lectured at the University of Coimbra you can find further/detailed information at:

NB: Some of the courses listed here may not be lectured in 2019/2020 OR may have some restrictions that are not indicated

If you want to follow another course unit lectured by another Faculty/Department within the University of Coimbra this request has to be validated by each respective coordinator ( ). Please note that in this case you must complete, the majority of course units from the study area of the agreement that you are using.

For example, a student coming to FEUC, within an agreement signed in Economics, has to follow a minimum of 3 course units (18 ECTS, total, 6 ECTS/each) in order to be allowed to follow another two course units (12 ECTS, 6 ECTS/each) from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. The Portuguese Language course (6 ECTS) may be considered an extra course unit, not included in the regular 30 ECTS.


At FEUC courses are lectured in Portuguese, except the ones listed at Courses Lectured In English 2019/20.

Thus, our – recommended - language requirements are the following:

  • Portuguese: B1 (min)
  • English: B2 (min)


This course unit, with four different levels, is managed by FLUC (Faculty of Arts and Humanities).

It is lectured on a semester basis and worth 6 ECTS.

You may get further information at and contacts at

Since this is a very requested course unit, it is COMPULSORY to include it in the initial plan of studies/Learning Agreement. Students may change the level of the course unit firstly chosen upon arrival. However, students who decide to follow it later on (upon arrival, for instance) may have no further places available!

DO NOT FORGET to upload all documents on to the system, namely the Transcript of Records and your picture.


Accommodation in students’ residencies are managed by the accommodation office - SASUC (Serviços sde Ação Social da UC). Further information at

Students will have to book their own accommodation on the online platform

For any further information about this issue, students will have to contact directly the services by using the following contacts:

Núcleo de Alojamentos

R.Oliveira Matos, 27

3000-305  Coimbra

Tel:+351 239 101 282

Email: /

You may also find relevant and practical information to prepare your arrival at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Com os melhores cumprimentos/Kind regards,

Dr. Margarida Santos
International Relations Officer

Dr. Carla Melo and Dr. Nélia Neves
INCOMING / OUTGOING students’ officer


1. You may only apply within the ERASMUS+ programme, if an ERASMUS+ bilateral agreement between the UC and your home university has been signed (and stills valid) within the study areas taught at FEUC, as follows:

- 041/Business and Administration: 0413/Management and Administration

- 0311/Economics

- 0312/Political Sciences and Civics (former International Relations)

- 0314/Sociology and Cultural Studies

2. International students from non-partner or from partner Universities, who have already used their opportunity of exchange, have the opportunity to study for one or two semesters at the University of Coimbra as FREE MOVERS students. Further information at

3. If you are not a European Citizen, after receiving the acceptance documents, you need to contact the nearest Portuguese Consulate/Embassy of your city of residence. Inform yourself about the types of visa that apply to your case and how you should proceed to obtain it in the web portal of the Portuguese Communities Office.

Please note that without visa it will be impossible to register (after arrival) at the UC.