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The Ph.D. program Drugs R&D is a joint program between the University of Coimbra and industrial R&D partners and has been selected by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) for funding. Therefore, 7 students/year are selected and funded over 4 years, where they have the opportunity to develop their research within an industry setting. If you want to join Drugs R&D Ph.D. programme, pay attention to the Opening Notice, which is published in Era Careers, as well as in the FFUC website. All the updated information is detailed in that notice.

In general, the application and selection of students are performed in two stages. Firstly, the candidate merit and proposal for investigation are assessed. Then, an individual face-to-face interview is conducted, to evaluate personal motivations to develop the research project and to integrate the scientific teams of the industrial R&D partner.

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