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Centre for Portuguese Literature at the University of Coimbra

The Centre for Portuguese Literature (CLP) is a Unit of Research and Development funded by the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) since 2003. The Centre is located at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Coimbra, and it includes researchers based both at the University of Coimbra and at other research institutions. This new unit of R&D has resumed the work of the former Centre of Portuguese Literature, which was originally established in the 1980s. At present, the Centre has two main working spaces: the CLP room and the Ferreira Lima seminar room. 


The mission of the Centre for Portuguese Literature is the study and dissemination of Portuguese Literature as both patrimony and ongoing practice. Our main goals are the creation of an organic framework for researching Portuguese Literature, from interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives, and to foster critical dialogue between the main trends in Theory and Literary Studies. The CLP also aims at developing pedagogical and scientific exchange programmes with similar national and international institutions, which includes supporting student research by welcoming them in specific projects and encouraging their participation in conferences (some of which have been specifically conceived for that purpose).

In order to fulfill this mission, the CLP develops research projects and promotes scientific meetings, autonomously or in partnership with other national and international institutions. The CLP members are also responsible for different types of courses, seminars, and programmes. Currently, the CLP promotes two Masters programme and three PhD programmes, as well as several short-term programmes which do not confer a degree. 

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan of the Centre for Portuguese Literature (2018-2023) establishes four priorities, and three research groups.This strategic structuring of the CLP into three research Groups ("Literary Heritage"; "Literary Theory”; and "Digital Mediation and Materialities of Literature") aims to build upon acknowledged strengths of our decade-long output but also to open up our research to emerging fields. In the Literary Heritage Research Group, our orientation is predominantly philological, since this Group is concerned with producing critical editions, and annotated texts directed at a scholarly audience. Critical theory and conceptual and applied investigation of literary forms and modes of representation is at the core of the Literary Theory Research Group. Finally, the Digital Mediation and Materialities of Literature Research Group addresses the ongoing relocation of the literary in a digital  writing and reading space, examines the material and technological dimensions of literature, and adopts interdiscursive and interartistic methodologies for studying the relationship between literature, arts, and media.

The CLP also gives particular attention to the presence of literature in education and in society, studying its aesthetic, ideological and institutional implications. The CLP defines itself as an engaged partner in public debates on these matters.


The Centre for Portuguese Literature is funded by national funds through FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology, under the following projects “Financiamento Plurianual – Unidade 759”: “PEst-OE/ELT/UI0759/2011”, “UID/ELT/00759/2013”, “PEst-OE/ELT/UI0759/2014” and "UID/ELT/00759/2020".

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