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Modernismo e Primitivismo

5 e 6 de Dezembro de 2005

Modernism & Primitivism

The title of the project is «Modernism & Primitivism» and its primary goal is to study the different modes of inscription of Primitivism in the cultural discourses of Modernism (literary, artistic and scientific) and intends to understand how various texts and different cultural systems address the problems involved in such representation. The project – programmatically adopting a comparatist and multidisciplinary perspective – aims at the development of revisionist and critical instruments to read the crucial role played by non-Western societies in the Modernist traditions (Portuguese, Brazilian, Capeverdian, Spanish, and Anglo-American). The members of the CLP involved in the project group are Pedro Serra (coordinator), António Apolinário Lourenço, Fernando Matos Oliveira, Maria Aparecida Ribeiro and Osvaldo Manuel Silvestre. The other members outside the CLP involved are Manuel Portela (FLUC) and Luís Quintais (FCTUC). The project aims to the organization of a two-day event (coloquium) scheduled to take place during November 2005. Each member of the project group will present a paper (40-50 minutes), subject to public debate. Finally, the papers presented should be compiled in a book making accessible to the research community the results of the group’s investigations.