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Projects of the Literature without Frontiers Group

The "Literature-without-Frontiers" Group will focus its research on national literatures closer to Portuguese, including the literatures of Portuguese-speaking countries and Romance-language countries, and the study of the relationship between literature and other arts (visual arts, cinema , theatre, music), and also its relation with new technologies and new media.

In fact, even if the CLP is primarily a Research Center in the area of ​​Portuguese literature, it has also shown, from its inception, a marked interest for intercultural dialogue. Therefore it cannot ignore literary practices in other countries, primarily those that have literary practices in Portuguese language, but also those whose language is more or less ​​close.

Without denying the relevance of a notion of national literature for literary studies, especially for literary history, this group will adopt preferably a comparative approach, the most appropriate for responding to the dynamics of linguistic, literary, and cultural globalization. This group will work with conceptual units above and beyond national literature, namely the "literatures of Portuguese language." Quite naturally, the scope of research will also cover the relationship of Portuguese-language literatures and cultures to literatures and cultures of other language areas. With the establishment of this research group the CLP aims to give a stronger organic coherence to its intercultural and interdisciplinary rationale, which was stated as one of the fundamental goals of the Center for Portuguese Literature at the time of its founding.

This group will also examine the interaction between literature and society. Planned activities, within this research line, include publications related to forms of representation of social reality in the contemporary literature. Closely associated with this reflection, this group will address issues related to the social dissemination of literature, particularly of Portuguese literature, with special emphasis on school audiences, but without forgetting the wider audiences of literary communication.

Projects associated to the “Literature without Frontiers” Research Group

Literary Imagotypes: Processes of (De)Configuration in Literary Imagology
After the End
Naturalism Revisited
Literature, Space, Cartographies
Desire of Being: João-Maria Vilanova, Angolan Poet
Golden Century

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