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IX Cell Culture and Tissue Training Course

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During the last 8 years, the Cell Culture and Tissue Training Course has become an important tool for students, researchers and all the professionals in the field of biomedical sciences, allowing the implementation of new approaches on their research.

The 9th edition of Cell Culture Course - Beyond Microscope, Culturing Life! will take place in a new modules-based format. This course aims to give theoretical and practical fundamentals of cell and tissue culture techniques, divided in 4 modules: Basic Cell Culture Concepts; Cell Culture Methods, Techniques and Applications I; Cell Culture Methods, Techniques and Applications II and Advanced Cell Culture Methods, Techniques and Applications.

This year and considering last year experience, the course will be held during July in a hybrid format, where the theoretical component will be online and the practical component will be on site.

The course can be attended in two modalities: 

Full course (theoretical online + practical on site)

The practical component course (on site) will be held during July in a period to be agreed with the laboratory and the participants.

Theoretical course (online) 

Theoretical component will be held on days 8th, 15th, 22th and 29th of July 2022.

Daily registrations for theoretical components (online) will also be available.

We expect you to enjoy this course!

Cartaz 2022


Filomena Botelho, MD, PhD

Diana Martins, PhD

Scientific committee

Ana Salomé Pires, PhD

Fernando Mendes, PhD

Organizing committee

Ana Margarida Abrantes, PhD

Ana Rita Gomes, MSc

Beatriz Serambeque, MSc

Eurico Pereira, MSc

Inês Marques, MSc

Mafalda Laranjo, PhD

Miguel Marto, MSc

Ricardo Teixo, MSc


Cláudia Caridade