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Seminários de Doutoramento em Psicologia da FPCE-UC

27 de março ǁ 15h00 André Silva [FPCE-UC] ǁ Changing Human Time Perception in Virtual Reality Emotional Priming: A Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Study
27 março

Moderador: Dr. Luke Jones [Universidade de Manchester]

Time perception is very important in our daily lives for a variety of reasons ranging from synchronizing schedules and tasks, planning and decision making (durations greater than one second), to ensuring our physical integrity, reaching objects, playing sports, driving, and speech (subsecond durations) among others. However, we intuitively acknowledge that clock time is different than our perception of it. Various factors contribute to such biases  including emotions. This may happen due to the increased arousal associated with emotional states which speeds up an internal clock leading to temporal overestimations. Our main goal for this project is to determine whether transcranial direct current stimulation can influence the effect of emotions, hindering or enhancing performance in a time perception task.

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