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Multi-method approach in psychology: Why and how to combine research techniques

Publication date: 18-04-2018 12:00

23/04/2018 (Monday) 10:00 – 12:00  Room 4.5, Building 1, FPCEUC

Talk by Fabio Iglesias, PhD


Over the last years science has been challenged by many cases of research fraud, failures to replicate controversial findings and a public discontent with solutions for social problems. Now psychologists and other scientists are expected to combine methods and techniques, to the point that studies based on single methods or single samples are having a hard time on getting funded, published or gaining attention in their fields.

In this talk I will review some of the foundations of multi-method research, the practical pros and cons of this approach and how it helps to overcome the (much older and controversial) dispute on qualitative x quantitative research. More importantly, I will discuss how objects and problems, not just our personal methodological preferences, must determine the methods we select for conducting our research projects


É Professor do Depto. de Psicologia Social e do Trabalho, na Universidade de Brasília, onde coordena o Laboratório de Psicologia Social e leciona também disciplinas de metodologia, psicometria e estatística.

Publicou em revistas como Journal of Consumer Psychology, Personality and Individual Differences e Time & Society.

É consultor de diversos organizações públicas e privadas, tendo seu trabalho contemplado com a Medalha Tiradentes, o Interamerican Prize of Psychology e prêmios pela divulgação da psicologia na mídia.