A Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação (FPCE), em parceria com o GRUPOEDE (Grupo 05 - Políticas e Organizações Educativas e Dinâmicas Educacionais) do CEIS20, convidam a comunidade a estar presente na Aula Aberta "How to use research to change policy?" conferida pelo Professor Hiro Yoshikawa.

O evento irá decorrer no dia 14 de junho, pelas 11 horas, no Auditório 2 do Student Hub, com transmissão em direto no canal de Youtube da FPCE

Hirokazu Yoshikawa | Biography

Hirokazu Yoshikawa is a prominent academic holding positions at NYU Steinhardt and NYU. He co-directs the Global TIES for Children Center and is involved in various research programs focusing on human development across the lifespan, particularly in the areas of immigration, early childhood, youth development, and poverty reduction. His work spans multiple regions including the United States, Latin America, South Asia, and the Middle East. Notable projects include research on gender-sexuality alliances, content restriction policies in education, and evaluations of humanitarian initiatives targeting refugee families. Yoshikawa is also a published author and serves on several advisory boards and committees, including those of the National Academy of Education and the World Bank. He holds a PhD in clinical psychology from NYU and has received recognition for his mentorship and contributions to the field.