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Estudos do Século XX

Call for papers



Estudos do Século XX (20th Century studies) is a journal subject to peer review, the purpose of which is to disseminate the findings of research performed in Portuguese Contemporary History.

The editorial office is now preparing Issue no. 15, to be released in 2015, on the subject of “Communication, Journalism and Public Space in the Digital Era” and will focus on the fundamental topics of the present time. Characterised by the digitalization of the communication flows, these are times of deep changes in the field of communication and media, with significant impact on different societal spheres and scopes. While, on the one hand, the proposed views on communicational processes are revisited and the concepts and other methodological tools for studying media and the public space are reviewed, on the other hand, the analyses of the languages, the place and the role of media and journalism in hyper-complex societies are updated. This edition is intended particularly to assemble the original inputs of this emerging and often scattered productive activity. Our aim is also to foster interdisciplinary discussion, which will help strengthen research in this field. We thus welcome all submissions fitting within the following guiding topics:

  1. New theories for new communication processes;
  2. Journalism in the digital age;
  3. Organizational communication in the digital age;
  4. Public opinion and public space in the digital age;

The journal Estudos do Século XX therefore calls for paper submission, in the form of scientific articles or recensions, on one of the aforementioned topics.

The papers’ draft titles, abstracts consisting of a maximum of 100 words and biographical notes (including name, academic degree and institution where said degree was obtained, affiliation and complete address of the institution, telephone/fax number, email and up to 5 recent publications) must be submitted via email until 31 January 2015. Furthermore, interested parties are also required to specify the theme under which they wish to submit their papers.

The authors of accepted papers shall receive relevant notice until 15 February 2015, and the complete texts must be sent in digital copy via e-mail to until 31 March 2015. No submissions will be accepted after this date.

All submissions must be original and previously unpublished, and may not be submitted for publication in other journals. The papers may be in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English language. They are required to be in Microsoft Word, using Times New Roman font, 12 points, 1.5 spacing between lines, (long quotations and footnotes must use 10 point font and simple spacing between lines).

The papers shall consist of a maximum of 50.000 characters (including spaces, footers and bibliographical references) and will include a maximum of a 100 word summary and five key-words, in Portuguese, English and French. The Editorial Board may provide for the translation into these foreign languages, if requested by the author. All papers exceeding the word limits herein specified will not be accepted for publication.

All submissions shall undergo peer review. The coordinator of each issue will be responsible for selecting the texts for publication, based on the opinions of the referees. The authors will receive notice of the opinions and acceptance for publication. The bibliographical references and quotations must comply with Portuguese Standard 405-1 (1994) and relevant updates. The articles that they do not obey the norms will be returned.


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31 January 2015 – deadline for title and abstract submission;

31 March 2015 – deadline for delivery of papers and recensions;

December 2015 – publication of the 14th number of the Estudos do Século XX.


Centre for 20th Century Interdisciplinary Studies of the University of Coimbra – CEIS20

Rua Filipe Simões, n.º 33

3000-186 Coimbra, Portugal

Tel.: +351 239 708 870

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