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Researcher's Day Program

Researchers’ path - Scientific employment, Career development & Research(ers) assessment


November 24th 2020

ONLINE | Via Zoom

9:15Meet & Greet
9:30Opening session
Cláudia Cavadas, Vice-Rector for Research
9:40From postdoc to research leader in or beyond academia
Séverine le Bras, Biotech Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC), University of Copenhagen (UCPH)
9:55Prospects for change as a scientific career strategy
José Oliveira Martins, Professor, Researcher, R&D Unit Coordinator
10:10PostDocs@UC briefing: from the past to a bright future
Postdocs@UC Representative
10:25Researcher at the University of Coimbra: challenges and opportunities
Cláudia Cavadas, Vice-Rector for Research
10:45Q&A session with speakers: opening of the session to the public 

Working groups

1 - Models of Scientific Employment and Research Funding: what are the alternatives? (moderator: Maria Ribeiro)
2 - Research Assessment and Researchers Evaluation: what’s ahead? (moderator: Inês Almeida)
3 - Continuing Professional Development: what to expect from formative activities? What skills do we need for the future? (moderator: Ana Carvalho) 
4 - Alternative career paths for PhDs (Moderador: Marta Passadouro) 

12:30Working groups discussion key points, final discussion & conclusions
Definition of next steps 
13:00Researchers Day closure