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"Sophie Kowalevski : a Queen from the Empire of Science"

3ª feira, 28 Maio, às 15h
24 maio, 2019
Sophie Kowalevski : a Queen from the Empire of Science
Sophie Kowalevski : a Queen from the Empire of Science

Na próxima 3ª-feira,  dia 28 de Maio de 2019, pelas 15h, tem lugar no RÓMULO - Centro Ciência Viva da Universidade de Coimbra "Sophie Kowalevski : a Queen from the Empire of Science", uma palestra sobre a famosa matemática russa que foi uma mulher pioneira da ciência, com Ma Li, professora no Departamento de Ciências Matemáticas da Universidade de Tsinghua, China

NOTA: a palestra será proferida em inglês

“On 18 November 1883, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter carried an article about the arrival of Sophie Kowalevski in Stockholm entitled “An Important Guest in Stockholm”: This does not have to do with an insignificant king or prince from some friendly nation but rather a queen from the empire of science. Sophie Kowalevski (15 January 1850 – 10 February 1891) lived in the second half of the 19th century. It was in Russia where she first saw the world; the world ended for her in Sweden. Her life was relatively short, yet eventful and unusual. She was the first woman in the world to have received a PhD in mathematics — at Göttingen University in 1874, and the first woman to actually hold an official university professorship — at Stockholm University from 1889 to her premature death in 1891. As an editor for Acta Mathematica, she was probably the first woman to be in the board of any major scientific journal. In 1888 she was awarded the prestigious Bordin Prize of the French Academy of Sciences for her work on rotation of a rigid body around a fixed point, the so-called Kovalewski top. The following year she was elected a corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Imperial Academy of Sciences. She was also the first woman to be so honoured. In fact, the rules of the Academy hade to be changed to allow female members before a vote could be held regarding her candidacy. Besides, there is indication that, at the time of her premature death in 1891, she was being considered full membership in the Academy.” 


Previous work experience: 
2007.8 - 2014.7 Associate prof/prof at Norwegian Academy of Education/NLA HiHm-HiNe UC 
1998.7 - 2007.6 Senior lecturer/asso. prof mathematics/applied maths at Link ̈oping University  
1996.7 - 1998.6 University lecturer at Dept. of Mathematics & Informatics, Karlstad University   
1996.1 - 1996.6 Royal Society Visiting Fellow at Department of PMMS, University of Cambridge  
1995.1 - 1995.12 Postdoctoral fellow at International Inst of Linguistic Science, Kyoto University    
1994.7 - 1994.12 Royal Society Visiting Fellow at Department of Maths, Imperial College London 
1988.8 - 1989.6 knaw visiting fellow at Dept of Maths & NE Studies Uni A’dam the Netherlands

Higher education: 
1989.7 - 1994.6 Doktorand at Dept of Mathematics and Math. Statistics, CTH/Gothenburg Univ ECMI Stipendiary at Dept of Pure Maths & Math. Statistics, Univ of Cambridge 
1982.9 - 1988.7 MSc maths/PhD Assyriology/history of science, IHAC/Academia Sinica/FU Berlin 
1977.9 - 1982.7 BSc mathematics (junior experimental programme) State Education Commission

Awards & honours: 
Canon Foundation, Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, CTH & Gothenburg University, European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Japan Society for the Promotion of Scicence, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Royal Society of London, Swedish Mathematical Society 

Projects conducted (as director/coordinator): 
Active learning in mathematics (NyIng)  
Gender perspectives in mathematics education (Stimulans) 
Pedagogical forum in mathematics (CUL) 
Exploring the wonderland of mathematics (FRN) 
International Cultural Studies/Maths as a Cultural Heritage (HNE)

Público-alvo: Público em geral  
Contactos: Maria Manuela Serra e Silva 
e-mail: / 239 410 699