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"Respect for the elderly is to respect the future"

Publication date: 30-11-2018 11:12

The 2018 "Respect for the Elderly" series of ICUC was successfully concluded

On the afternoon of November 30th, Huang Zaiwei, the Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute of University of Coimbra, and more than 10 teachers and students came to the CSCPS Martinho Center to carry out the celebrating activities of “respecting and loving the elderly”. The event consisted of three parts, focusing on introduction of Chongyang festival, performances and health lectures.
Ms. Maria da Piedade Martins, founder of the São Martinho Senior Day Care Center, attended the event and delivered a speech.

Chongyang 1
First of all, Ms. Maria da Piedade Martins expressed her gratitude to the Confucius Institute for putting the last stop of the 2018 “respecting and loving the elderly” at the St. Martinho Senior Day Care Center. She represented the nursing home and the old people to deliver heartfelt gratitude for the arrival of the Confucius Institute and volunteers for visiting the elderly, bringing the Chinese programs and happiness to the elderly. She also hopes that the Confucius Institute will continue to carry out this activity, organize students to visit the elderly, and act to lead young people to respect the elderly and respect the elderly.
Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, Mr. Huang Zaiwei, expressed his gratitude to the nursing home for supporting the activities of the Confucius Institute. At the same time, he also introduced the background and purpose of the event to the nursing home and the elderly who participated in the event. Later, Mr. Huang also introduced Confucius Institute's school philosophy, curriculum and series of cultural activities.
In the following part, Professor Wang Wenyi sang the Guizhou folk song "Hua Er Hong", the unique charm of the charming melody is greatly welcomed by the old people. Volunteer Zhang Fangming and Secretary Olga recited poems "When You Are Old" in both Chinese and Portuguese. Lin Xinyan sang a song of the same name, which aroused everyone's resonance and brought the old people's thoughts back to youthful years. From the past, the "Tempo e Essência", which was sung by Vera, and "Tempo e Essência" by Wang Zijun.

Chongyang 2
With the end of the performance, Professor Yan Chunming gave a lecture on “Food and Health” for the old people. Combining years of clinical experience, Mr. Yan explained the differences in food culture between China and Portugal, and shared the ten important concepts of Chinese health care with the “quando” and “quanto” (time and quantity). Mr. Yan’s lectures are lively and interesting, and the old people laughed frequently.
The last item of the event was the free communication of teachers and students of Confucius Institute with the old people. The students and the old people talked freely, listened to their story, took severeal photos, and recorded the beautiful moment of the event.
This event is the last stop of the Confucius Institute's "respecting and loving the elderly" series, and is the third stop after the Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra and Casa dos Pobres de Coimbra. The theme of the event is “Respect for the elderly and serving the elderly”. It is a new event in the 2018 Confucius Institute of University of Coimbra. To advocate young people to take care of the elderly. The Confucius Institute will continue to carry out similar activities and pass on love.

Chongyang 3