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Confucius Institute of University of Coimbra held “Dumpling Workshop”

Publication date: 03-12-2018 11:22

At 15:00 local time on December 1st, the Confucius Institute at the University of Coimbra held the “Dumpling Workshop” of the Chinese Culture Series at the SAKE Restaurant. The event brought together more than 30 friends from Colombia, Portugal, Morocco, Germany and other countries.

dumpling 3
At the beginning of the activity, the teacher of the Confucius Institute, Guo Liangyan, introduced one of China's most popular dishes, dumplings, through video and PPT.
The owner of the restaurant, Mr. Ma, personally demonstrated the whole process of dough, roll and make dumplings. The students were then divided into several groups, each group was led by a Confucius Institute volunteer and taught hands-on. Under the careful guidance of the teacher, everyone will experience the process of “smashing, twisting, cutting, pinching and rolling”. At this moment, whether it is Chinese, Portuguese, or foreigners in Portugal, they feel that food has no borders, happiness has no borders, and culture has no borders during the process of making dumplings.

dumpling 2

dumpling 4
In the final session, everyone tasted each other's dumplings and shared the “dumpling feast”. With the traditional Chinese music, the whole restaurant was full of laugh. Dumpling workshop makes foreign friends feel the mysterious oriental culture is not far away, it brought people closer, and uses dumplings instead of language to convey friendship and goodwill. Through the workshop, not only did everyone make new friends, but also learned new knowledge. The most important thing is that in this experience, everyone felt the taste of the family in a small dumpling. This is also the warmth from China that we want to bring to foreigners.

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