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Projetos de Capacitação Erasmus+

Esta Ação do Programa Erasmus+ promove a cooperação entre países da União Europeia/ Países do Programa e Países Parceiros não-europeus. Com base numa cooperação estruturada, no intercâmbio de experiências e boas práticas e na mobilidade dos indivíduos, sumariamente esta Ação visa:

  • Melhorar a qualidade do ensino superior e reforçar a sua pertinência para o mercado de trabalho e a sociedade;
  • Melhorar o nível de competências e aptidões nas IES, mediante o desenvolvimento de programas de ensino novos e inovadores;
  • Reforçar as capacidades de gestão, governação e inovação, bem como a internacionalização das IES;
  • Aumentar a capacidade das autoridades nacionais de modernizar os seus sistemas de ensino superior mediante o apoio à definição, execução e acompanhamento de reformas políticas.

A Universidade de Coimbra é coordenadora e parceira nos seguintes projetos de capacitação:

SUGERE – Sustainable Sustainability and Wise Use of Geological Resources (2018-2021)

Summary: The project aims at developing five degree programmes (three bachelors, one master and one doctorate) in the field of earth sciences in the partner universities from Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique. It will focus on three key areas: knowledge about earth sciences (geology, geological engineering, and mining engineering), skills related to sustainable environmental development, and ethics and social economics. The ultimate goal is to motivate both students and teachers to play a decisive role in the development of their countries.

Project coordinator: Prof. Nelson Rodrigues, Department of Earth Sciences of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra

LATWORK – Developing research and innovation capacities of Latinamerican HEI for the analysis of informal labour market (2018-2021)

Summary: Newly research structures will be designed and implemented based on the result of an in depth need analysis. The methodologies, mission and vision of the research centres will be targeted to overcome current difficulties in the research of informal labour market.

Latwork platform will be designed to satisfy needs of providing inputs for the research on informal labour market as well as to transfer the research output to internal and externa stakeholders, creating capacity for making decision.

Local coordinator at UC: Prof. Elísio Estanque, Faculty of Economics

BAfrika – Bakeng se Afrika (2018-2021)

Summary: This project aims to create a comprehensive digital imaging database in which the scanned skeletal material of South African individuals will be curated. The server for the database of non-living individuals will be stored at the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa), while for living individuals in the respective hospital archival systems.

Local coordinator at UC: Prof. Eugénia Cunha, Department of Life Sciences

HiEdTech – Modernisation of Higher Education in Central Asian Through New Technologies (2018-2021)

Summary: The main goal of the project is to adapt the education system in the Central Asia Partner Countries to the digital generation through introduction and effective use of ICT-based Innovative Educational Technologies and Didactic Models (IET&DMs) in the teaching process.

Local coordinator at UC: Prof. António José Mendes, Department of Informatics Engineering

V2WORK - Strengthening the Vietnamese Higher Education System to improve graduates’ employability and entrepreneurship skills (2017-2020)

Summary: V2WORK is a three-year Erasmus+ Capacity Building structural project co-financed by the European Commission whose aim is to strengthen the capacities of the Vietnamese HE System to improve the employability & entrepreneurship skills of its graduates, and to reinforce its relationships with the labour market, in line with the Vietnamese government’s priority of improving graduate employment at a national level.

Local coordinator at UC: Prof. Elísio Estanque, Faculty of Economics

Learn more in the project website.

TKCOM - Building up Chinese Teachers Key Competences through a Global Competence-Based Framework (2017-2020)

Summary: The project aims to strengthen the training and qualification of university trainers of Chinese primary school teachers in the area of competency-based education so that current and future primary teachers can design and develop teaching proposals based on these methodologies and overcome the current model based on the memorization of contents.

Local coordinator at UC: Prof. Maria Teresa Ribeiro Pessoa, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences

XCELING - Towards Excellence in Applied Linguistics. Innovative Second Language Education in Egypt (2017-2020)

Summary: The project aims to contribute to a modernization of the Foreign Language (FL) teaching in Egypt at different levels:

  1. Modernization of FL teaching methodologies (TEACHING), with special emphasis on ICT.
  2. Pre-doctoral training and learning in applied linguistics (LEARNING).
  3. Open access materials orientated to FL learning for Arabic-speakers in social disadvantage (refugees, migrants, etc.) (OUTREACH).

In order to address these three aspects, XCELING will create a Network of 6 Language Innovation Centres (LICs). The LICs will have a threefold structure in line with these dimensions: TEACHING (train the trainers), LEARNING (pre-doctoral education) and OUTREACH (co-creation of open access teaching materials).

Local coordinator at UC: Prof. Cristina Martins, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Learn more in the project website.

ALIOT - Internet of Things: Emerging Curriculum for Industry and Human Applications (2016-2019)

Summary: The project aims to provide studies in the emerging field of Internet of Things (IoT) according to the needs of the modern society; to bring the universities closer to changes in global ICT labour market and world education sphere; to give students an idea of various job profiles in different IoT domains. The project brings together partners from the UK, Sweden, Portugal, Italy and Ukraine.

Local coordinator at UC: Prof. Marco Paulo Amorim Vieira, Department of Informatics Engineering

Learn more in the project website.

CAMINOS - Enhancing and Promoting Latin American Mobility (2016-2019)

Summary: The project aims to contribute to the deepening of the Latin American Higher Education Space by improving the capacity of universities, university associations and networks to enhance, promote and manage internal Latin American student and staff mobility.

Local coordinator at UC: Filomena Marques de Carvalho, Head of the International Relations Unit

Learn more in the project website.

SM Weld - South Mediteranian Welding Center for Education, Training and Quality Control (2015-2018)

Summary: This project promotes a new education and training model of university-industry partnership to foster the quality of the workforce while contributing to knowledge transfer; increasing employability of engineers and technical staff as well as supplying the North-African industry with highly qualified personnel.

Local coordinator at UC: Prof. Dulce Maria Esteves Rodrigues, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Learn more in the project website.

STAR - Sustainable learner-centred Teaching – Advanced Recourse for Georgia and China (2016-2019)

Summary: This project focuses on professional development of teachers in the area of innovative pedagogic approaches. The key objective is to address the shortcomings in higher education across Georgia and China by systematically engaging HEIs in new practices with a learner-centred focus.

Local coordinator at UC: Prof. Maria Teresa Ribeiro Pessoa, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences

Learn more in the project website.