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Tuition fees and other costs

In this page you'll find the costs of several academic and administrative acts such as applications, request of pre-requisites evaluation, enrolment and registration in foundation year programmes, 1st cycle and integrated master degree programmes.

Amounts approved for international degree-seeking students, who enrol for the first time at UC in 1st cycle and integrated master programmes and in the Foundation Year Programme (when applicable) as from the academic year of 2014-2015 onwards, within the framework of the UC special call for applications for international students, as well as in a specific type of master programmes.

Application fee50 EUR
Enrolment and registration fee*20 EUR
Degree Programmes monthly tuition fee**700 EUR X 10 instalments
Foundation Year Programmes monthly tuition fee **700 EUR X 10 instalments
Pre-requisite - Portuguese language exam (B1)***70 EUR
Pre-requisite - sport and physical fitness***45 EUR
Medical exam for the confirmation of the Group B and D and physical endurance of the Group C***40 EUR

The enrolment and registration fee is paid annually in the beginning of each academic year and includes school insurance coverage.

** The tuition fee is paid in 10 monthly instalments, per academic year.

At the beginning of each academic year, the enrolment and registration are only confirmed after a single payment corresponding to 30% of the total amount of the tuition fee (3 monthly instalments), plus the amount of the enrolment and registration fee.

The monthly instalments can be paid at once or until the last day of the month to which they correspond, being subject to interest rates in the case of failure to pay in due time; the 4th monthly instalment is paid in September, the 5th in October and so forth until the 10th monthly instalment, paid in March, or in the relevant month if the start of the study period did not occur in September.

If the student drops out, under the terms of the article 21 of the Academic Regulation of UC, he/she is only exempt from the payment of the instalments due in the following month.

*** if applicable.

Check the payment methods of the tuition fees and other fees in the practical information web page. For detailed information about tuition fees and other fees, visit the web page of the academic services.

Information about student living costs in Coimbra are available in the living costs page.