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Why learning Portuguese?

Knowing Portuguese is a valuable asset in today’s globalised world, especially, in the labour market. Portuguese is the 4th most widely spoken language in the world, the 3rd European language spoken globally and the 1st in the South hemisphere.

Over the past recent years, the Portuguese language has started to emerge globally as a language of business, science and culture and its importance has been highlighted in the media and subject of academic studies with a global impact. The University of Coimbra (UC) played a unique role in this regard for many centuries as the only Portuguese language university in the world until the early 20th century.

Internationally recognised by UNESCO as a leading reference in the production and dissemination of knowledge in Portuguese language in the world, UC offers a wide range of Portuguese language and culture courses and develops initiatives and open access projects, which promote the Portuguese as a language of science and culture.

UC is the ideal place for learning Portuguese:

  1. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities of UC is a leading school with 90 years of experience in the teaching of Portuguese language and culture for foreign students in Portugal;
  2. UC provides a Foundation Year Programme in Portuguese Language (FYP-PL) to the students without the required level of Portuguese language proficiency.
  3. Throughout the year, several Portuguese language and culture courses are offered, ranging from annual courses to summer courses;
  4. UC also provides advanced programmes on teaching Portuguese as a foreign language, at master and PhD level;
  5. Coimbra is the only true university town in the Portuguese-speaking world, providing a unique environment for a truly incomparable academic experience.

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