The LCA of University of Coimbra was founded to provide High Performance Computing (HPC) resources & services to enable computationally-intensive research within the University. LCA is the national node RNIE-FCT of the European HPC infrastructure PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) and is an operational center of the RNCA (Portuguese National Network for Advanced Computing).

Because of the recent convergence between data and HPC, LCA supports scientific fields that require intense data processing, like Genomics, Bioimaging and Artificial Intelligence. It offers support to specialized training in HPC techniques and methods as well as on the effective use of the RI by its users. The LCA supports Portuguese researchers as well as foreign users through international projects.

Programs we take part in

Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe

A Network for Supporting the Coordination of Supercomputing Research between Europe and Latin America

European support structure based in National Competence Centers

A consortium which implements the first pan-European HPC Master programme