Laboratory for Advanced Computing

Access conditions

The usage of LCA clusters is made through scientific projects submitted in response to calls for CPU time or direct requests that will be considered individually according to their scientific interest. RNCA calls are managed by FCCN ( link in Portuguese).

There are 2 types of access:

  • Preparatory Access

    • Limited amount of core-hours for testing and/or scaling applications. It may include user support for installing applications and/or using the cluster software environment and tools
  • Project Access (see here for the current active projects)

    • Normal access for tested or previously installed applications.

General rules for Project Access

   • Each project has Principal Investigator (PI) who will responsible for the indication of researchers associated with the project.

   • Each project has permissions to execute jobs complying with the cluster submission rules.  Special requests request of times and/or number of cores will be considered if adequately justified. For further information please check the specific cluster rules.

   • Each account related to a project is strictly personal. Shared accounts will not be permitted and each user is responsible for all activity in his account.

   • Each account opened within a project framework will have space allocated by default in the common storage. Special requests of disk space will have to be duly justified and will be handled in a case-by-case basis.

   • Expenses related to commercial licenses of programs/libraries will be paid by the respective users unless those programs are considered useful to a large number of users.

   • Usage of LCA clusters by companies is regulated by a separate document and the price charged by core-hour is dependent on the level of service contracted.

   • At the end of the project, the PIs must send a report which summarizes the scientific results obtained by the project and resulting publications. Every such publications should include a acknowledgement to the Laboratory (see http://www.uc.pt/lca/ for a suggestion of acknowledgement).

All the details about the programming environment and job submission system of our clusters are described in its web page https://www.uc.pt/lca/ClusterResources

Any question about the usage of the clusters or access conditions should be addressed to the e-mail helpdesk.lca@uc.pt.