Laboratory for Advanced Computing



External Advisory Committee

António J. Onofre A. R. Gonçalves (Universidade do Minho)

Carlos Frederico Neves Bettencourt da Silva (Universidade de Lisboa/IST)

João Manuel Paiva Cardoso  (Universidade do Porto)

Ricardo Fonseca (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa)


Management Team

The current LCA team is composed of four faculty members of Universidade de Coimbra, one being the LCA director, a lead technical person and a full-time system administrator. A help desk is in place with a ticket system.

The tasks of the management team include

  1. supervision the operation of the computer and storage systems
  2. advice over the installation of software and HPC libraries and tools
  3. manage the administrative tasks related to the infrastructure and to PRACE
  4. organization of an annual user forum and special training events for particular scientific communities
  5. external network issues, namely the local University network, country network managed by the Portuguese NREN FCCN and PRACE network.
  6. International relations (Europe  - PRACE. EuroCC - and outside Europe).