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Mission and Values

Mission and values that guide us



To foster and develop research on health systems and services, particularly the Portuguese, and the dissemination of knowledge and the evidence to support the best practices of governance in health.


To become a national and international reference in the area of research and knowledge in health systems and services.



To contribute for the consecration of the universality of health care, that ensures:

  • Equity
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Timeliness
  •  Focus on citizens



  • To motivate: generating purpose and optimism for change
  • To generate results: providing methods, tools and data that propitiate and spread knowledge and the resulting change
  • To innovate: inventing new solutions, always within the framework of the utmost academic and scientific rigour



  • Focus on Health – our commitment is to help raise the level of citizen’s health
  • Independence and transparency – our work is immune to motivations other than the strictly scientific and academic ones, with a view to supporting better governance in health
  • Unity of knowledge: CEISUC is an organization with common systems and shared knowledge, where the work is developed in multidisciplinary teams