iReview Tool

KEYWORDS: Artificial Intelligence; Biometrics; Code Review; Eye-Tracking, HRV.

iReview tool is an intelligent biometric-based tool to assess the user's code comprehension level based on the cognitive load (CL) changes. The comprehension difficulty is measured at a granularity of multiple lines of code (i.e., code region). The cognitive load is measured through Heart Rate Variability (HRV). The eye-tracker is particularly used to “localize” the code regions that are considered difficult to comprehend (or have been disregarded because of reviewers’ distraction or fatigue) during the code review.

Therefore, the sampling rate within 90-133 Hz is more than enough in the current phase. The time window inside the code regions is typically a matter of minutes. Unlike other approaches to evaluate the quality of the code reviews, iReview is the first tool that objectively assesses the quality of code reviews based on intelligent non-intrusive biofeedback methods.


Enhance the software quality through the evaluation and improvement of code reviews.

Reduces cost of software development, as more bugs are detected (and corrected) in early stages.

Provides simple and easy to use results: code review evaluated as “Good” or “Must be repeated” and indication of the specific code regions that have not been well reviewed.

Results of the tool can be used directly in the current software development approaches.


Code reviews quality evaluation.

Code comprehension intelligent assessment.

Code learning/development assessment.

Comprehension difficulties detection.

Training and education of software industry.

Decision making support through comprehension assessment.


IPR LEGAL STATUS: Patent Pending n.º PCT/IB2021/059461 filed on 14/10/2021.

OWNERSHIP: The rights to the technology are held by the University of Coimbra.

COLLABORATION SOUGHT: The University of Coimbra is seeking commercial partners interested in further developing the technology under a joint-collaboration, license agreement or acquiring the existing rights.



Laura Alho
IP Manager
Luís Silva
Innovation Manager
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