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CeBER Research Seminars - Spring 2023

24 janeiro

The research seminars promoted by CeBER aim at encouraging the discussion of ideas and stimulate the development of a network to support research in Economics and Business Management through the organization of regular meetings for the presentation of research papers on topics relevant to the achievement of the objectives of CeBER. In each seminar members of CeBER, PhD students and invited researchers present their work in progress. The seminars take place on Wednesdays, 2 pm, Room Keynes, unless otherwise indicated. Each seminar lasts for approximately 45-60m:

03-03-2023 - 11:30

Thomas Zellweger (University of St. Gallen, Chair in Family Business and Director of the Swiss Research Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (KMU-HSG))

The firm as a brain – exploring some cognitive foundations of strategy


Renato Rosa (CeBER and FEUC)

Forest management under climate variability


William Kratochwill (Student of the PhD in Economics, FEUC)

Time-Related Underemployment: Why, when, and for whom?

12-04-2023 Room 4.2

Andrews Danquah (Student of the PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems)

Risk Management in Renewable Power Purchase Agreements: An Overview

21-04-2023 Gonçalves da Silva - 15:00

Prof. Rudolf Vetschera (Univ. Viena, Áustria)

Two-person fair division with additive cardinal evaluations


Isabel Dimas (CeBER and FEUC) - CANCELLED


03-05-2023 - Room 4.1 

Anne Tess Guimarães (Student of the PhD in Management, FEUC)

The impact of emotions in post consumption customer decisions, through perceived wine experience: measuring emotions in real time

10-05-2023- CANCELLED

Raimundo Avilton Meneses Júnior (Student of the PhD in Management, FEUC)

Orientação para o cliente dos líderes e a criatividade dos funcionários: o papel mediador do stress


Segundo Camino-Mogro (Ph.D Student in Economics
Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

From the Paper Age to the Electronic Age: A Business Electronic Registry Reform in Ecuador

24-05-2023- CANCELLED 

Teresa Carla Oliveira (CeBER and FEUC)



João Tovar Jalles (ISEG, Universidade de Lisboa)

Growth Effects of Public Investment and Public Consumption: The Role of the Business Cycle, Fiscal Space and Efficiency