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Artigo em destaque: Mirror, mirror on the wall, when are inequalities higher, after all?

17 outubro, 2022
Social Science & Medicine (Elsevier)
Social Science & Medicine (Elsevier)

As investigadoras do CeBER Carlota Quintal e Micaela Antunes publicaram na presttigoada revista Social Science & Medicine um artigo acerca das desigualdades no rastreio de cancro de mama e cervical em mulheres na Europa: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, when are inequalities higher, after all? Analysis of breast and cervical cancer screening in 30 European countries".

Excerto do resumo: «‘Extreme under-screening’ is concentrated among lower income quintiles in basically all countries analysed, for both screenings. These women, who never screened, are at risk of entering the group of ‘Lost opportunity’, once they reach the upper-limit age of the target group. At the same time, there are signals of ‘Over-screening’, within target group, due to screening more frequently than recommended. In several countries, ‘Over-screening’ seems to be concentrated among richer women. This is not only a waste of resources, but it can also cause harms. The inequalities found in ‘Extreme under-screening’ and ‘Over-screening’ raise concerns on whether women are making informed choices.»

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