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FCT finances a project on endoscopy imagery

The project "Multi-Cam capsule endoscopy imagery: 3D capsule location and detection of abnormalities" was recently financed by FCT/MCTES and FEDER through program COMPETE 2020.
23 july, 2018
Endoscopic capsule
Endoscopic capsule

This project is a collaboration between the Institute of Systems and Robotics and the University of Coimbra. It brings together a interdisciplinary team of researchers spanning from Electrical Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics. Professor Isabel Narra Figueiredo, researcher from DMUC/UC, leads a team comprised of Marta Pascoal (DMUC), Mahdi Dodangeh (Postdoctoral Fellow, CMUC) and Pedro Narra de Figueiredo (FMUC).

Capsule endoscopy is a non-invasive medical technology designed for the “in vivo” and pain-free inspection of the interior of the gastrointestinal tract. It is a particularly important method for the examination of the small intestine, since this organ is not easily analyzed by conventional techniques. One of the difficulties of this diagnostic technique is the impossibility of knowing the precise location of the capsule when an abnormality is detected. This project aims to develop solutions to determine the location of the capsule in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as, the automatic detection of medically relevant abnormalities. The project will focus on the use of multi-camera capsules, because the existence of multiple cameras brings significant advantages for both localization and detection of abnormalities. The team of the project is multidisciplinary and involves mathematicians, electrical and computer engineers and gastroenterologists.