EPTCS 290, Proceedings 7th International Workshop on Theorem proving components for Educational software,  Oxford, United Kingdom, 18 july 2018, Edited by: Pedro Quaresma and Walther Neuper

  • Students' Proof Assistant (SPA), Anders Schlichtkrull, Jørgen Villadsen and Andreas Halkjær From  
  • Natural Deduction Assistant (NaDeA). Jørgen Villadsen, Andreas Halkjær From and Anders Schlichtkrull 
  • Towards Ranking Geometric Automated Theorem Provers. Nuno Baeta and Pedro Quaresma
  • Towards Intuitive Reasoning in Axiomatic Geometry, Maximilian Doré and Krysia Broda
  • Theorem and Algorithm Checking for Courses on Logic and Formal Methods,Wolfgang Schreiner 
  • Technologies for "Complete, Transparent & Interactive Models of Math" in Education, Walther Neuper