Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes (CEMMPRE)


The CEMMPRE, Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes, is an interdisciplinary R&D Research Unit of the FCT working on fundamental and applied research in Mechanical and Materials Engineering, and other related areas. CEMMPRE team has about 200 researchers, mainly working on:

- Intelligent Manufacturing,
- Design & Testing,
- Surface and Interface Engineering,
- Bioengineering,
- Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology,
- Advanced Sensor Systems.

The mission of CEMMPRE is to advance scientific and technical knowledge and capabilities, through an interdisciplinary collaboration across different scientific areas that can lead to breakthroughs and innovation, in order to contribute to a more sustainable world.

The relationships between CEMMPRE and other institutions, such as Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) have led to stimulating new ideas for new mechanical processes, materials, technologies, prototypes, and products to be directly transferred to enterprises, mainly through its laboratories LED&Mat (Laboratory for Wear, Testing & Materials) and LEC (Laboratory for Electroanalysis and Corrosion).

Research Groups

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