Research and development structures

The Research and Development Structures incorporate the Research Centers and the Multidisciplinary Research Institutes, including all the structures that are supported by the Portuguese Scientific and Technological National System. They guarantee the implementation and coordination of both scientific and technological investigation in disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields.

These structures gather teachers and researchers of the Faculty of Medicine (FMUC) as well as researchers under supervision of the FMUC or other institutions.

They organize and coordinate post-graduate programs and supervise master, doctoral and post-doctoral students. These are supervised by a PhD teacher or researcher chosen by the Director.

The Scientific Council proposes the creation, aggregation, division and extinction of the research and development structures; these proposals are to be approved by the Director of the Faculty.

Research Centers

The Researcher Center promotes and organizes high quality research activities. The FMUC has the following Research Centers:

Multidisciplinary and Research Institutes

The multidisciplinary and research institutes organize and promote high quality scientific research, mainly in multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary areas. The FMUC has the following Multidisciplinary Research Institutes: