Workshop on Optimization Challenges in the Evolution of Energy Networks to Smart Grids

Presentation Slides

The impact of increased spatial resolution modelling on renewable energy integration in West Africa’s interconnected electricity networkOmotola Adeoye and Catalina Spataru
A predictive control algorithm to optimize the operation of heat pumps in residential buildings in the context of smart gridsPhilippe Andre, Elisabeth Davin and Jonathan Maus
Modelling market clearing price and global uranium bank effect in the nuclear energy marketAris Auzans
An Efficient Robust Solution to the Two-Stage Stochastic Unit Commitment ProblemIgnacio Blanco
Short-term Forecasting of Price-responsive Loads Using Inverse OptimizationG. De Zotti, J. Saez-Gallego and J. M. Morale
Estimation of Active and Reactive Flexibility Range in Primary Substations João Silva, Jean Sumaili, Ricardo Bessa, Luís Seca, Manuel Matos
A modelling approach for interconnected energy networks (gas and electricity) to assess the evolution of regional supergridsCatalina Spataru and Janusz Bialek
Energy storage management system for microgrids under emergency conditionsLuis Osorio-Valenzuela, Franco Quezada, Oscar C. V asquez
Demand Response Optimization of Microgrid With Centralized and Distributed Renewable Energy ProductionDiana Neves, André Pina, Carlos Santos Silva
Comparison of Enhanced Benders Decomposition Methods for Stochastic Optimization of Energy System Models and Challenges for the Application to High Performance ComputingManuel Wetzel, Frieder Borggrefe 
On the Concept of Multi-Period Flexibility From Home Energy Management SystemsRui Pinto, Ricardo Bessa, Manuel Matos 
SD modelling for assessing the long-term effects of PV penetration in the Brazilian distribution industryNivalde de Castro, Daniel Ferreira, Sebastian Zapata, Monica Castañeda, Carlos Jaime Franco, Isaac Dyner
A Hybrid Metaheuristic / Benders Optimal Generation Coordination Method with Electric Vehicles as Stochastic ReservoirsVladimiro Miranda, Hrvoje Keko
The Multi-scale generation and transmission expansion modelAdi Sarid, Michal Tzur
Smart rates and demand response: a model from scenariosAlexandre de Campos
Optimization of Tree-Shaped Flows over Smart GridsChristiano Lyra
Robust PMU PlacementMargarida Carvalho, Ana Viana