UC Projects

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Gender@UC EEA Grants
CILIA LGBTQI+: Desigualdades ao longo da vida de pessoas LGBTQI+

A comparative and intersectional approach in four European countries


(Un)Coding Masculinities: towards a better understanding of the media's role in the construction of perceptions of masculinities in Portugal

Diversidade e infância

Changing social attitudes towards gender diversity in children across Europe


Engaging Men and Promoting Positive Gender Norms in Early Childhood


Promoting innovative strategies for constructing gender identities and engaging men and boys in models of nonviolent masculinities


Citizenship, Care and Choice: The Micropolitics of Intimacy in Southern Europe

Estudo avaliativo sobre o impacto das medidas aplicadas a pessoas agressoras

Evaluative study on the impact of measures applied to offenders

Fronteiras de Vidro

Costs and factors of occupational and educational segregation for men and women

IEEE UC Mulheres em Engenharia

IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting the role of women in science and engineering


Fighting gender stereotypes in education and early childhood: building an Inclusive Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education

LGBTI+ (Des)Igualdades sociais e económicas (LGBTIplus-desigualdades)

Local Gender Equality


Women and Men in a Time of Pandemic. Work, income, living conditions


Observatory on Gender and Armed Violence


Promote social inclusion and gender equality in formal and non-formal educational settings through the application of traditional sports and games

Pandemia e Academia em Casa

What effects on teaching, research and career? Study on changes in the scientific and higher education system


Promoting, Sensitizing and Engaging Men in Care Transformations


Promoting Equality in Research and Academia