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Honoris Causa Degrees

On this page you can find the list of national and international personalities to whom the University of Coimbra has conferred an honorary degree (Doctorate Honoris Causa), as well as some information about the awardees and the ceremonies.


201926th MayLuis Martí-BonmatíMedicine
201926th MayAndré Jan Louis D’HooreMedicine
201823rd NovemberKrzysztof MatyjaszewskiSciences and Technology
20182nd OctoberSultan bin Muhammad Al-QasimiArts and Humanities
20188th JuneEnrique CadenasPharmacy
201731st OctoberJean-Claude JunckerLaw
201730th JanuaryProkópis PavlópoulosLaw
201711th JanuaryDetlev GantenMedicine
201623rd OctoberMariano Sanz AlonsoMedicine
201622nd MayAntónio GuterresEconomics
201620th JanuaryLuis PortelaPharmacy
201519th AprilDominique FrancoMedicine
201528th JanuaryJosé Murillo de CarvalhoArts and Humanities
201429th MayAntónio ArnautEconomics
20133rd JulyJohn Michael NewtonPharmacy
201318th MayCleonice Seroa BerardinelliArts and Humanities
201323rd MarchAlain CarpentierMedicine
201323rd MarchMagdi YacoubMedicine
201313th FebruaryNeil ArmstrongSport Sciences and Physical Education
201221st OctoberRobert Alexy Law
201128th SeptemberKay Rala Xanana GusmãoArts and Humanities
201121st SeptemberAntónio DamásioPsychology and Education Sciences
201130th MarchLuiz Inácio Lula da SilvaLaw
201113th MarchAmartya SenEconomics
201029th SeptemberJohn Greville Agard PocockArts and Humanities
201024th JanuaryJorge SampaioLaw
200931st MayÂngelo FioriMedicine
200931st MayBernard Henry KnightMedicine
200931st MayBernd BrinkmanMedicine
200931st MayEnrique Villanueva CañadasMedicine
200910th MayBenito dela Castillo GarciaPharmacy
20098th FebruaryJuan SomaviaEconomics
20091st FebruaryEnrique Moreno GonzalezMedicine
20088th JulyKenneth FoxSport Sciences and Physical Education
20088th JulyRobert MalinaSport Sciences and Physical Education
20086th AprilWalter Friedrich OsswaldMedicine
20079th DecemberAntónio de Almeida SantosLaw
200730th SeptemberRaul José Hestnes FerreiraSciences and Technology
200723rd JuneManfred EigenSciences and Technology
200727th MayErik JaymeLaw
200727th MayFrancisco Amaral NetoLaw
200727th MayPeter Hünerfeld LawLaw
200623rd JulyCarlos Neves PatoMedicine
200625th JuneBernard GershMedicine
200625th JuneGunther BreithardtMedicine
200611th JuneImmanuel WallersteinEconomics
20064th JuneSven Erik JorgensenSciences and Technology
200628th AprilJosep Borrell FontellesLaw
20053rd JunePeter FloorArts and Humanities
20053rd JuneAntónio SaviniSciences and Technology
20053rd JuneSimon-Pierre NothombEconomics
20053rd JuneKnud-Erik SabroePsychology and Education Sciences
200411th JulyJosé SaramagoArts and Humanities
200430th MaySeamus HeaneyArts and Humanities
20049th JanuaryGerd Georg HeussSciences and Technology
200330th NovemberJosé Ángel García RodríguezMedicine
200316th NovemberJacques DerridaArts and Humanities
20033rd JulyJosé CarrerasMedicine
200315th JunePedro José Navascués PalacioArts and Humanities
200215th JuneManuel Cecilio Díaz y DíazArts and Humanities
200225th MayManuel Jacinto NunesEconomics
200117th NovemberFernando de La RuaLaw
200124th JuneDário OlivieriMedicine
20013rd JunePovl Ole FangerSciences and Technology
200127th MayHarold BloomArts and Humanities
200118th FebruaryFernando Aguiar BrancoArts and Humanities
200019th NovemberArthur Lee-Francis AskinsArts and Humanities
200019th NovemberEvanildo Cavalcante BecharaArts and Humanities
20005th NovemberLuis Concheiro CarroMedicine
20009th JulyManuel Sanchez SalorioMedicine
20008th JuneAntónio Manuel MonteiroLaw
20004th JuneAlain GuilbertMedicine
20004th JuneJacques BaudetMedicine
199925th JuneCaio Mário da Silva PereiraLaw
199925th JuneFábio Konder ComparatoLaw
199925th JuneGaleno Velhinho de LacerdLaw
199925th JuneLuiz Pinto FerreiraLaw
199925th JuneVicente Marotta RangelLaw
199930th MayHenrique Walter Pinotti Medicine
199923rd AprilJoaquim Alberto ChissanoEconomics
199813th DecemberAntónio Simões LopesEconomics
199825th OctoberAngel Cabo AlonsoArts and Humanities
199825th OctoberSuzanne DaveauArts and Humanities
199723rd NovemberÁlvaro Siza VieiraSciences and Technology
199723rd NovemberBrian ScarlettSciences and Technology
199716th MarchWilliam Fisher EnnekingMedicine
199719th JanuaryMário Alberto Nobre Lopes SoaresLaw
199630th DecemberMaria de Nazareth Lobato GuimarãesLaw
199624th NovemberMarc RichellePsychology and Education Sciences
199624th NovemberJacques MontanegroPsychology and Education Sciences
199621st AprilEduardo Lourenço de FariaArts and Humanities
199610th MarchHenri BismuthMedicine
199625th FebruaryJosé María Carrera MaciàMedicine
199625th FebruarySantiago Dexeus i Trias de BesMedicine
199521st JulyFernando Henrique CardosoEconomics
199522nd JanuaryMorton Falk GoldbergMedicine
199427th NovemberGeorges CharpakSciences and Technology
199324th OctoberGladstone Chaves de MeloArts and Humanities
199324th OctoberVergílio FerreiraArts and Humanities
199327th JuneFernando TávoraSciences and Technology
199325th AprilAlbert HirschmanEconomics
199314th MarchJohn Norman MurrelSciences and Technology
19923rd MayBärbel Inhelder Psychology and Education Sciences
199230th AprilJacques DelorsEconomics
199215th MarchArthur GillePsychology and Education Sciences
199129th NovemberGiovanni Spadolini Law
199126th MayAlbert SilbertLaw
199119th MayClaus RoxinLaw
199025th NovemberAlaistair Ian ScottPharmacy
199015th JulyJacques ChrétienMedicine
19904th JulyFlorestan FernandesEconomics
199029th MarchRichard von WeizsäckerLaw
19895th DecemberAristides PereiraEconomics
198918th JuneJean CivatteMedicine
198917th MayDon Juan Carlos ILaw
198923rd AprilAlonzo Zamora VicenteArts and Humanities
198923rd AprilCharles VerlindenArts and Humanities
198923rd AprilErnesto Guerra da CalArts and Humanities
198815th MaySir Rudolf Ernst PeierlsSciences and Technology
198810th AprilMaurice Edmond MullerMedicine
198729th AprilJavier Pérez de CuellarLaw
198715th FebruaryJohn Hamilton ReynoldsSciences and Technology
19867th MayJosé SarneyLaw
198530th JanuaryTancredo de Almeida NevesLaw
198414th OctoberAndré Lichnerowicz Sciences and Technology
19841st JulyMacário Santiago KastnerArts and Humanities
19841st JulyOrlando da Cunha RibeiroArts and Humanities
198311th DecemberÁlvaro D’OrsLaw
198330th OctoberPierre Albert NetterMedicine
198319th JuneSir George PorterSciences and Technology
198317th AprilRobert EtienneArts and Humanities
198228th NovemberEuryclides de Jesus ZerbiniMedicine
198228th NovemberLuiz V. DecourtMedicine
198214th NovemberHans-Heinrich JescheckLaw
198214th NovemberHenri BatiffolDireito
198214th NovemberJean CarbonnierLaw
198230th MayAlfredo BuzaidLaw
198230th MayHeleno Claudio FragosoLaw
198230th MayMiguel RealeLaw
198230th MayOrlando GomesLaw
198225th MayAmintore FanfaniLaw
198113th DecemberArtur Anselmo Fernandes de CastroLaw
198121st JuneWilhelm WenglerLaw
198017th JulyKarl CarstensLaw
197321st NovemberLaureano Lopez Rodó Law
19712nd MayDerek Harold Richard BartonSciences
196916th MarchReijer HooykaasSciences
196827th OctoberKurt-Georg KiesingerLaw
196830th JuneGiacinto ManupellaArts and Humanities
196830th JuneRui Pinto de AzevedoArts and Humanities
19674th JuneLuis António da Gama e SilvaLaw
196714th MayGuilhermino César da SilvaArts and Humanities
196616th OctoberIsidor Isaac RabiSciences
196616th OctoberLouis NéelSciences
1961st MayHilário Veiga de CarvalhoMedicine
196620th MarchJosé Sebastião da Silva DiasArts and Humanities
196424th MayRoderick William HorstonArts and Humanities
19643rd MayMichael Alan MortonSciences
196218th NovemberGilberto de Mello FreyreArts and Humanities
19624th NovemberArthur Wallis ExellSciences
196221st JanuaryJosé Henrique de Azeredo PerdigãoLaw
196128th MayJoão Manuel Pacheco de FigueiredoMedicine
196114th MayLudwig EhrardLaw
196123rd AprilArmando de Freitas Zuzarte CortesãoCiências
19608th AugustJuscelino Kubitschek de OliveiraLaw
196010th JulyRichard Pattee Arts and Humanities
196013th MarchCarlos Chagas Medicine
195921st OctoberGregorio MarañónMedicine
195928th AprilAntónio de Oliveira SalazarArts and Humanities
195811th MayGiorgio Del VecchioLaw
19586th MarchFrancisco GentilMedicine
195715th MayEdgard SantosMedicine
195619th OctoberEugéne TisserantArts and Humanities
195510th JulyJohn CockcroftSciences
195524th AprilJoão Café FilhoLaw
19556th MarchJúlio DantasArts and Humanities
195417th JanuaryFrançois Jean PerrouxLaw
19528th JunePedro CalmonArts and Humanities
19529th MayErnesto de Morais LemeLaw
195115th AprilEmile Planchard Arts and Humanities
195115th AprilJoseph Maria PielArts and Humanities
195115th AprilPierre DavidArts and Humanities
19518th AprilClarence CrafoordMedicine
195111th MarchErnst MatthesSciences
19495th OctoberFrancisco Franco BahamondeLaw
194631st MarchMichel MosingerMedicine
194522nd AprilWilliam James EntwistleArts and Humanities
194515th AprilLuis Legaz y LacambraLaw
19428th MayFernando Augusto Carvalho Law
193929th JanuaryJúlio Afrânio PeixotoMedicine
19378th DecemberLeonardo de La Pena Sanchez Medicine
19353rd NovemberLucien-Marie PautrierMedicine
19343rd JuneAntero Frederico de SeabraSciences
193213rd MarchRené LericheMedicine
192115th AprilMarechal Joseph-Jacques Joffre
192115th AprilGeneralíssimo Armando Diaz 
192115th AprilGeneral Smith Dorrien