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Techniques Image

Core facilities and services

  • 2 Cyclone (Kiube is the first of its kind in the world)

  • PET and MRI imaging systems 

    • Human
    • Animal
  • Neurophysiology and neurostimulation equipments

  • Multimodal imaging.

Detailed list:

  • Human Siemens PRISMA 3Tesla MR Scanner
  • Phillips PET/CT scanner
  • Cyclotron 18/9 MeV IBA and Kiube IBA.
  • High density EEG/ERP
  • Transcraneal magnetic stimulation
  • Functional near infrared imaging
  • Brain computer interfaces up to 64 channels
  • High resolution Eyetracking, MR compatible SMI and Eye Link , NordicNeurolab AS and AVOTEC 4621
  • Virtual reality and motion capture
  • Psychophysiological Biopac system - EEG, skin conductance, EMG recordings, all MR compatiblle
  • MR compatible Accelerometry
  • MR compatible olfactometers
  • Human Visual electrophysiology
  • Visual, auditory stimulation and response collection devices
  • tDCS neurostimulation for Humans;
  • Pre-Clinical Research – 9,4 Bruker Animal MR Scanner
  • Bioluminescence/fluorescence imaging
  • Animal PET
  • Stereotaxy; tDCS set ups for animals; Electrophysiology;
  • Animal Behavioral Tests (Open field; Morris Water Maze; Social Interaction Test, Vocalizations).