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Preclinical Research, Molecular and Functional Imaging

Mice Anatomical Image
  • The development of molecular probes to study inflammation and other biological processes.

  • Design and Development, Testing of New or repurposed Molecular Imaging ProbesTo explore neuropeptide receptors in the brain, and novel ways of delivery through the nasal path, with therapeutic potential for neuropsychiatric disorders.

  • Preclinical Imaging and animal studies: 

    • We perform preclinical studies in neurodevelopmental models of autism (as in Gonçalves et al, 2017, funded by FLAD prize) and neurodegenerative disorders (prize by S. Casa Prize). 
    • Our strategy encompasses the use of animal models of the same diseases that are investigated in humans, using the same techniques (multimodal and multiorgan imaging), and testing the same biomarkers and therapeutic approaches.
  • Pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics of novel treatment agents in several disease models (excitation vs. inhibition CNS modulators, Neuropeptide action). We focus on the effects of drugs modulating excitation/inhibition ratios, neuropeptides and their action through different delivery mechanisms (with a focus on nasal delivery and mechanisms of entry through the Blood Brain Barrier).