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Technology transfer

Tech Transfer Image
  • Focus on Medical Device and Radiopharmaceutical Clinical Validation Platforms.
  • To promote technology transfer of molecular imaging approaches.
  • We manage several national infrastructures with research agreements with companies.
  • Biomarker validation tests for clinical applications (validation of multivariate markers, by developing distinct software modules), neurorehabilitation software/hardware.
  • Prototype for molecular imaging in animals.
  • Investigator driven trials approved in the fields of medical devices and radiopharmaceuticals 

Research contracts and agreements 

  • Industry both in which concerns R&D (IBA, Siemens, Icnas-Produção) and Clinical trials (Biogen, Roche, Merck, PPDA, and others). 
  • Investigator driven trials approved in the fields of Medical Devices (EU projects STIPED and BRAINTRAIN) and Radipharmaceuticals. 
  • Spinning off activities (PetSys and LIP for development of a new PET scanners for animals and humans). 


  • Process for producing Gallium-68 through the irradiation of a solution target. A Abrunhosa, V Alves, F Alves. US Patent App. US20190013108A1. Submited. 2019.

  • Non-invasive system for measuring the arterial input function for PET imaging. Caramelo, F. et al. International Patent App. WO2018150348. Submited. 2018.

  • Process for producing gallium-68 through the irradiation of a solution target. VH Alves, F Alves and AJ Abrunhosa. EP3101660A1. Accepted 09/08/2017

  • Bernardes et al. have a European patent on statistical classifiers applied to optical coherence data as biomarkers for central neurodegenerative disorders.

  • P2020-PTDC/CTM-NAN/2658/2014 (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016648), Dual nanostructured lipid carriers as a multifunctional platform for brain tumor therapy  (submitted)

  • BrainEyes – A new method to test colour vision with low cost hardware for glaucoma diagnosis.

Marketing Authorizations

  • Fluodesoxiglucose [18F] UC
  • DOTA-NOC [68G] UC
  • Fluoreto de Sódio [18F] UC
  • Fluorocolina [18F] UC
  • PSMA [68Ga] UC