Chemical Process Engineering and Forest Products Research Centre

Computation and Materials (CeM)

Computation and Materials (CeM) group looks towards R&D of new materials by an integrated experimental and computational approach from a chemical product engineering perspective. The experimental-driven research aims at developing novel (nano)materials, targeted for various applications: healthcare, biomedical, food, veterinary, energy, environmental, aerospace and polymer industry. The list of materials being investigated is manifold: silica aerogels and their organically modified/reinforced counterparts, superparamagnetic nanoparticles, hierarchically-built multifunctional nanosystems, natural and synthetic polymers, polymer-based biosensors, polymer-functionalized liposomes, green fuels and second generation biofuels, among others. The group is also focused on the use of high-performance computing and state-of-art molecular modelling and simulation techniques as a cost-effective strategy in chemical product design and development, and, concurrently, as a crucial tool for assessing fundamental scientific knowledge.

The research activities of CeM are dictated by the expertise gathered by their members, but also by the contribution of numerous collaborations with national and international partners, arising from R&D networks with Universities, Institutes, and Industry. This is being achieved through tens of partnerships in different frameworks, such as national/international R&D and/or co-promotion projects, both bilateral and in consortium.

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International R&D Projects

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Research Topics – a roadmap

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Highly Cited Papers

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