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EfS | Estudante DSSE| John O

3 dezembro, 2020

My name is John O. Ogundiran a doctoral student enrolled in the EfS program.

I have previous background in Mechanical Engineering (B-TECH), a Master’s in Energy Technology and Management, and a cumulative of 10 years of engineering and technical strategy experience, I decided to embrace the opportunity to make a contribution to the global campaign for renewable energy and sustainable development.

Since being a part of the EfS program, I have experienced a deeper sense of purpose in the concerns of energy and found a clear path to focus on the concerns of Indoor Environmental Quality(IEQ).

Exposure to courses and the pragmatic learning from seasoned professors in my first semester inspired this focus. Mitigating the spread of communicable diseases in the event of outbreaks, health hazards, safety , Integrating renewable energy, energy efficiency in HVAC for built environments and transport cabins and good building envelops etc. cannot be downplayed in the global campaign for energy efficiency, climate change and sustainable development.

I like the open door experience between students and professors, the multi-cultural, diverse ethnic classroom experience and altogether the peaceful life of UC in Coimbra.

I look forward to the successful completion of my program and limitless possibilities of impacting the global scientific community especially through the domain of IEQ.