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EfS | Estudante DSSE | Vinicius Andrade dos Santos

15 abril, 2019
Vinicius Andrade dos Santos
Vinicius Andrade dos Santos

My name is Vinicius Andrade dos Santos, coming from Brazil. I am currently a Ph.D. student in Sustainable Energy Systems (SES) - MIT Portugal at the University of Coimbra.

I am a Chemical Engineer and a master's degree in the Energy for Sustainability (EFS) program and energy policies, completed in 2017 by the University of Coimbra.

I worked for 8 years a unit of production of ethanol, sugar, and cogeneration of energy in Brazil. In 2014, shortly after completing my chemical engineering course, I wanted to qualify even more in the sustainable energy area, and soon after vast research of numerous specializations in many countries, I had the first contact with the EfS program through the website of the University of Coimbra, starting the course in February of 2015.

The EfS master’s program being multidisciplinary, was of extreme importance for my understanding of the sustainable area in all aspects, economic, environmental and social, within the framework of my branch of research in advanced biofuels.

My satisfaction with the program made me feel motivated to continue in the Ph.D. program in Sustainable Energy Systems in 2017, where my research is currently focused on the production and regulation of the advanced biofuels use in the maritime sector.

The advanced biofuels used in the maritime sector will play a very important role in a new market for a sustainable development in the medium and long term, considering that the maritime transportation still does not have agreements in the reduction of carbon emissions (currently around 2.5% of all sectors). However, policies are already planned.

The EfS program has an excellent faculty and researches in sustainable energy area and has helped me professionally and competently for the success of my thesis development.

Beside the quality offered by the program, the group of students and researchers from various parts of the world has greatly enriched the exchange of information in many aspects: professional, academic and personal.