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EfS | Estudante DSSE| Bruno J. Cardoso

1 junho, 2020

During my master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, interest in topics such as sustainability, renewable energy and energy efficiency was undeniably clear. Moreover, I soon realized that, although occasionally neglected, energy efficiency could play a substantial role in the sustainable development of society by contributing to the reduction of the impacts caused by GHG emissions and by the unrestrained consumption of resources.

Since finishing my Master’s degree in 2014, I had the opportunity to participate in several projects related to these subjects (energy and sustainability), first in ADAI and University of Coimbra as a researcher, and, later, in the Energy Management Department at Águas do Norte, from Águas de Portugal Group, as a Trainee. These experiences helped confirm my suspicions that sustainable development is not achievable by a single manner, such as just reducing energy consumption, but through several ways by considering a holistic and multidisciplinary approach.

I decided to purse my PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems because the multidisciplinary nature of the EfS initiative allows to address the various sustainability issues in a holistic way, under several different views, such as engineering, architecture or economics. In addition, it also enables an enriching collaboration, exchange of ideas and unique learning opportunities by attracting highly qualified students from different educational backgrounds, geographies and cultures.