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EfS Experiences | Student | Miguel Serpa Oliva

Publication date: 19-05-2014 18:25



I have completed my graduation in Architecture in the University of Coimbra in November 2008 and from then on I worked as an architect in different scenarios. The experience accumulated during this period made me realize that my educational background was not enough and I decided to get a higher education degree, focusing on a subject matter that has been of my interest since 2007: approaching the rehabilitation of the building envelope in health care facilities, optimizing their energy efficiency through the use of innovative materials and constructive systems.

Due to its multidisciplinary scope and the unique possibility to get in touch with one of the most prestigious institutions - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - it was clear that the MIT Portugal Program had all the tools to fulfil my desire to be part of a community eager to learn, always pushing me to do better.

I entered the MITPP in 2012, I am currently taking the second year of the program, I am also part of the team working on the EMSURE project ( and I can say that all of my expectations have been exceeded. The renowned quality of the faculty is a key factor and the entire group, along with my supervisors and colleagues, has been very supportive. Furthermore, I have had the privilege of extending my network and receiving the input from several other fields, enriching my research project and emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation to create better solutions.