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Assistance by Email

The assistance by email, available to Students, Alumni and Applicants to the UC, is carried out by means of the online form.
 Use the online form at:

By means of this form it is possible to request certificates and diplomas, ask for information about academic issues, submit suggestions, complaints and acknowledgements.

  • If you are a Student or Applicant to the UC, please enter InforEstudante in order to submit your request/form and select the option "Academic Service»Requests".
  • Regarding requests for reappraisal, exceptional situation or other request that is not covered by InforEstudante, please select in "Request Type" the option "Not included in InforEstudante".

All these contacts are associated with the request management system (HelpdesK system) that registers the message and returns to the requester an automatic email with a case number.

Whenever you want to obtain or add more information regarding your request, you must "Reply" to that email so that it is integrated into the initial request.

Institutional contacts, internal or external to the UC, must be made to the addresses previously communicated by the UC, or by means of the communication channels available in the area Compliments, Suggestions and ComplaintsIf you contact UC by means of one of the other email addresses, your message will not be analysed since those addresses are especially aimed at applicants, students and alumni.