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PhD Exams for UC Students

On this webpage you can find information concerning the request for admission to PhD exam and the corresponding thesis defence, for the PhD students (3rd Cycle) of the University of Coimbra.

If you are not a PhD student of the UC, you can only make this request in accordance with the Special system for the Thesis Submission »

    What are the thesis submission deadlines?

    The Thesis submission deadlines are established per academic year for all the PhD students of the University of Coimbra, and duly communicated in time to the Organisational Units and published on this webpage.

    In the academic year 2020/2021, and taking into account the Covid-19 Pandemic scenario, the deadline for submitting the Thesis has been extended until 31st December 2021. With this measure, the UC is providing the PhD students, who in 2019/2020 met the conditions to submit their theses and due to this scenario underwent delays during their work, with this extension of extra months to complete their Theses.

    What if you do not submit the thesis within that deadline ?

    If, until the deadline mentioned in the previous question, you are unable to submit the request for Thesis submission and exam, you will need to register for the subsequent academic year in order to continue your PhD Degree.

    How to register for the academic year 2021/2022 ?

    The PhD Students who in 2020/2021 met the conditions to submit their theses and due to COVID-19 underwent delays during their work, benefitted from an extension of the submission deadline.

    • Those who are unable to complete the request for submission of thesis and exam until this date, the Academic Management Services will establish a new deadline.

    In what concerns the other PhD students, the registrations took place as usual within the normal deadline established in the Rector's Order concerning the academic year deadlines.

    What date counts for the thesis submission?

    For all intents and purposes, what defines the thesis submission date is the date on which the request for admission to PhD exam was submitted: date on which the request was completed at InforEstudante, that is, after sealing the request and paying the fee.

    How to deal with the confidentiality of the Thesis ?

    If it is necessary to ensure the confidentiality of the thesis and protect its results because there are patent/intellectual property issues involved, the PhD student can ensure the embargo of the thesis within a period, ranging from months to years. This takes place during the request for the PhD Exam, at InforEstudante. The embargo period can be changed later, also at InforEstudante.

    Is it necessary to deliver the documents in person to the Academic Services?

    No. The whole procedure to submit the thesis may be done remotely by means of the electronic platforms provided by the UC, including the submission of electronic copies of the original documents. Providing false information is punishable by law.

    Step by step Procedure

    In order to begin this procedure you will have to comply with the following conditions:

    [1.] you must be regularly registered for a PhD Course at the UC in the academic year in which the request is made.
    [2.] you must have the ECTS credits necessary for defending the Thesis.
    [3.] you must have all the payments to the UC already settled.

    [1.] After concluding the thesis, the PhD student requests the Academic Management Services (SGA) by means of InforEstudante to create the collection in the platform Provas Académicas  (Digital Repository for the Scientific Production of the University of Coimbra), so that he/she is able to upload the Thesis and Curriculum Vitae (CV).

    1. In the main menu, click “Academic Service » Requests »
    2. Add the request “[Alun@s] PhD defence: Request for approval of a collection in SIBUC and upload of the thesis and CV

    The Thesis must include an abstract with a length between 2500 and 5000 characters, and be elaborated in accordance with the rules of the Visual Identity of the University of Coimbra, available at: » (in Portuguese)

    The Curriculum Vitae is retrieved from the new platform Ciência Vitae » National scientific curriculum management system based on the former DeGóis technological platform.


    [2.] The SGA notifies the PhD student, by means of InforEstudante (in the corresponding request), of the login credentials to access the platform Provas Académicas so that he/she uploads the electronic copies of the Thesis and the Curriculum Vitae. This upload must be done within 5 consecutive days after the notification.

    Please note: The access to the collection in the platform Provas Académicas will be unavailable after the Academic Management Services (SGA) register the decision in the request form.

    [3.] After uploading the documents, the PhD student requests admission to the PhD exam by means of InforEstudante:

    1. In the main menu, click "Academic Service » Requests »"
    2. Add the request "[Alun@s] PhD defence: Request for admission to the defence"

    Along with the request, the following digitised documents must be attached: 

    • The electronic copy of the supervisor(s)’ report(s);
    • Two favourable thesis assessment reports (if it is a European PhD);
    • Declaration attesting the thesis’ work accomplished at the host higher education institution (if it is a European PhD)

    Note: If you have any doubts you can go to the Academic Centre in Polo 1 or Polo 2 and submit your request by means of the computer(s) available there for that purpose.

    [4.] After a preliminary analysis of the request, the SGA notify the student of the fee and the payment method. Only after the payment and the validation of the documents are completed, the SGA send the request to the Organisational Unit.

    If the student does not pay within the deadline of which he/she was notified, the request for admission to the PhD exam will be archived and if the student wants to proceed, he/she will have to make a new request.

    [5.] The Scientific Council of the Organisational Unit decides whether to admit the student to the PhD exam or not.
    [6.] The Jury is appointed by the Rector or by the person who is delegated by the Rector and published on the UC webpage at (dual language webpage PT/EN)
    [7.] The SGA communicate to the Organisational Unit, the jury and the PhD student the jury’s appointment and inform the president of the jury that he/she has to schedule the meeting.

    [8.] The SGA convene the jury to the meeting, give secretarial support, and elaborate the dispatch and the minutes.

    If the jury’s dispatch requires a reformulation of the thesis, the SGA notify the PhD student that he/she has 120 working days, from the date he/she receives the notification on, to deliver an electronic copy of his/her reformulated thesis or a declaration in which he/she intends to maintain the same thesis as it was delivered in the first place.

    [9.] The SGA convene the participants, inform the press about the date of the PhD exam and prepare it.
    [10.] The PhD student accomplishes the PhD exam.

    After the successful defence of the Thesis, the new PhD holder has 15 working days to deliver exclusively to the Academic Centre of the SGAin Polo 1, one (1) hard copy of the thesis for the purposes of legal deposit.

    If the student delivers a corrected copy of the thesis after the public defence, he/she has to:

    1. Send, by means of the link the electronic copy of the corrected version of the thesis.
    2. After sending the electronic copy, deliver one (1) hard copy of the corrected thesis and an original thesis assessment report written by the supervisor(s) attesting the changes done by the new PhD holder.