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Enrollment and Registration

These pages contain information related to enrollment and registration for classes. This information is updated throughout the school year resulting in possible changes to the menu and respective links.

Useful information...

  • Enrollment is the process to become an official student of the university and the right to register for classes.
  • In order to attend classes a student must register for classes.
  • A class is an academic unit with specific content and training objectives and includes an evaluation leading to a final grade.
  • A required class is one that is included in the respective program and for which the student is required to attend and pass and cannot be substituted with another.
  • A free elective is a class which the student can attend and is not required to be from the program or college in which the student is enrolled.
  • Registration in a cross-curricular class enables the student to attend classes in the next higher degree level in which he/she is enrolled. For example, if you are enrolled in an undergraduate degree (bachelor's), you can register for classes from any master's level degree, up to the maximum number of allowable credits

Deadlines for the academic year

Candidates accepted into UC

Deadlines for enrollment and class registration for applicants admitted in each of the application phases are posted on "UC Candidates":

  • Re-enrollment, Change of Major or University,
  • Special Admittance Applicants
  • Admittance to Graduate level (Master and Doctorate)

Candidates admitted by the DGES

Enrollment and registration deadlines for students admitted to the University of Coimbra through the National Admittance Competition (CNA) are set by the Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES) and are available at (in portuguese).

Enrollment and registration of these students usually takes place in september.

ATTENTION: The material published on this site is not a substitute for consulting the information on

Students enrolled for 2017/2018

Registration for the 2017/2018 academic year will be done through Inforestud@nte according to the deadlines that will be available here:

Regular time-frame available soon
Additional dates with initial fee available soon
Additional dates with additional fee available soon

After last date, late registrations not caused by pending grades will require a waiver, department authorization and payment of a 75€ fee. 


  • Students in programs with updated requirements may have other registration deadlines available on this page and on Inforestud@nte.
  • Although students may register for semester-length classes, registration for both semesters is always done at the beginning of the school year.
  • Registration for practical classes are handled by the respective department via Inforestud@nte.

Registration changes

For the academic year of 2016/2017 these changes will occur through InforEstudante, until 15th of october, 2016.

  • This feature replaces the applications for registration changes performed on paper or through the web form at /academicos /e-mail.
  • During this period you can make any changes of registration consisting Add and Remove courses (without paying any fees).
  • These changes may lead to changes in tuition fees plan, particularly derived from the change in registration status: Annually to Semestral and Full-time to Part-time (or vice versa).

Registration Fee

For most majors it is not required to pay any fees until all students have registered.

The registration fee of 20€ (twenty euros), which includes student insurance, should be paid after the student completes registration for classes for this school year. Data for payment via ATM are created after registration and are available under the "Tuition and Fees" menu on Inforestud@nte. The deadline to pay this fee is the same as the deadline for the 1st tuition installment payment.

After this date, the student will be considered late and will not be allowed to register for classes for the following school year or request any document from the University.

For more payment information go to "Payment Methods"