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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

bolinha_preta How to enrol at the UC ?

The enrolment is carried out at InforEstudante, the information system in which your academic pathway is registered. A few hours after the publication of the results by DGES, the UC assigns the Student Number to all students admitted to the UC.

The UC makes this number available at InforEstudante, by means of the link Consultar utilizador - Colocados DGES » (Consult User – Students admitted | DGES).

bolinha_pretaDo you have to come to Coimbra in order to enrol at the UC?

No. At the UC the enrolment and registration for the curricular units to be attended can be fully carried out online by means of the InforEstudante.

In the first phase, due to a greater number of admitted students, we have prepared a unique space in which it will be possible to carry out all the steps so that you become a UC student, with the assistance/support of the Students from the Academic Association and the Staff of the UC Academic Services.

If you need any help or you have to deliver documents, please go to the  UC Student Hub »

bolinha_preta  Can you use the password sent by DGES to enroll at the UC?
 Yes, you can. The first access to the Information Technology System for enrolment at the UC is carried out by using the password (access key) that the Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES) has sent to you by email along with the result of the Contest of Admission. Do not forget it!
bolinha_preta What is the day for your enrolment?

The online Enrolment may be carried out at any time and day during the established period. 

The in-person enrolment in the 1st phase is carried out on the day established for your first name's first letter.

bolinha_pretaCan you enrol in-person on a different day ?
Yes, you can. But you are advised to enrol on the day established for you initial and schedule previously your appointment. Students from a different day/schedule can only be assisted at the end of the day and according to the inflow of students with priority on that day.
bolinha_pretaWhere does the In-person enrolment take place?
At Polo 1 of the University, in the former building of the Faculty of Medicine, where the UC services are currently headquartered, including the Student Hub - the space for assisting and welcoming UC students.
bolinha_pretaWhere can your relatives and friends wait for you ?
In order to facilitate the access and avoid a large gathering of people in the same place, the Student must enter alone. Inside the building you will find someone who will lead you along the enrolment route and you may clarify your doubts. While they wait for you, the people who came with you may visit the surrounding spaces of your University that is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage.
bolinha_pretaHow to know your UC Student Number ?
Within the deadline established for the enrolment, please check your UC Student number that is available by means of InforEstudante at Consultar utilizador - Colocados DGES » (Consult User – Students admitted | DGES).
bolinha_pretaWhen do you choose the curricular units you want to attend?

During the registration period, the curricular units for which you can register (optional and mandatory) are available at InforEstudante.

However, you can check further information at the courses webpage of the UC.

bolinha_preta You have enrolled online. Where can you deliver documents ?

Go to the Student Hub, and by means of a previous appointment, follow the normal circuit of the enrolment and inform that you have already registered. Thus, you do not repeat the enrolment, but you can validate your registration and deliver the documents.

Important ! Delivering the document attesting the pre-requisites is mandatory during the enrolment period.

bolinha_amarelaIs the enrolment procedure the same for every admitted student ?

Yes, it is. However, the Bachelor’s Degree Courses of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FLUC) have differentiated characteristics, including diverse and flexible pathways that imply different options. As any other choice, it must be the most informed as possible. Therefore, the Students must consult the guides provided by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities before the enrolment and registration.

Further information about the students admitted to the FLUC »

bolinha_amarelaDoes the enrolment take place in the same way in the three phases?

No, because the number of admitted Students in each phase is different. In the 1st phase, around three thousand students are admitted and that is why a large scale in-person support area has been created. In the 2nd and 3rd phase the enrolment tends to be carried out only online.

Check further information about dates and locations »