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School Career

These pages contain links and information related to UC student's school career, in particular regarding grading policies. This information is updated throughout the school year resulting in possible changes to the menu and respective links.

Useful information...

  • A class is an academic unit with distinct learning objectives and content and subject to registration and evaluation leading to a final grade.
  • Required class — a class that is part of the core program and which the student is required to attend and pass and cannot be substituted with another.
  • Free-choice elective — class from a college other than the college of the student's major.
  • Academic year, academic semester and academic trimester — the components of the program requirements that must be completed by full-time students, over the course of an academic year, semester or trimester.
  • Complete academic year — the work done by full-time students over the course of a school year as set out in the program requirements and which corresponds to 60 ECTS.
  • School year — the period that begins on 1 September and ends on 31 August of the following year, with certain exceptions.
  • Satisfactory academic progress — allows a student to register for the maximum number of ECTS for the following school year. Not applicable to students with special status.

At UC, grading is normally done according to the following pattern:

Attendance and Mid-term exams Grades for mid-term exams, for those students who sat for them, are posted at the end of the semester or school year, depending on the duration of the class.
Final Exams

Exam period immediately following the last day of classes, available to all students except those who obtained a failing grade.

Depending on the college, registration for the exam may be required. Students should be aware that the rules for improving a grade are set by the respective professor.

Recourse Exam Exam period after final exams for all regular classes.  Depending on the college, registration for the exam may be required. CANNOT BE USED TO IMPROVE A GRADE IF THE STUDENT RE-TAKES THE CLASS THE FOLLOWING YEAR.
Special Exam 

The final period for exams after which grades are posted.

This exam is restricted to students covered under the Regulation on Special Rights and students must register to take it. CANNOT BE USED TO IMPROVE A GRADE.

Exceptional Exam Exam period EXCLUSIVELY for student government leaders, firefighters and final year students, and which occurs at the start of each school year in October and mid-way through the school year in March. CANNOT BE USED TO IMPROVE A GRADE.
For more information please see 
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