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Tuition and Fees

  • Registration in bachelor's, master's or doctorate programs are subject to the payment of tuition.
  • The tuition is related to a school year or a semester, independently of which study cycle or degree the student is enrolled in.
  • The amount of tuition owed for bachelor's, integrated master's, follow-on master's programs or professional certificate courses is set annually according to the legislation in effect at the time.
  • The tuition amount for all other programs is set by the respective colleges.

Types of registration and their corresponding tuition

Registration Type of registration Conditions  % of Tuition Amount
Annually Full-time
  • Registration in more than 30 ECTS, up to the maximum number of credits for the program
  • Registration in annual, 1st and 2nd semester classes.

Semestral Full-time
  • Registered for more than 15 ECTS, up to half of the allowed maximum number of credits for full-time.
  • Registered only for 1st or 2nd semester.classes

50% (both payments due during semester in which registered)
Annually Part-time
  • Registered for <=30ECTS
  • Registered for annual classes, 1st and 2nd semester.

Semestral Part-time
  • Registered for <=15ECTS
  • Registered only for 1st or 2nd semester.classes


What happens if my tuition payments are late?

Payment of late fees if tuition is paid after the due date as provided for in the UC Regulation on Tuition, Fees and Awards.

If a student submits a request relating to the payment of tuition, no late fees will accrue while the request is being considered.
Registration will not be allowed for students with outstanding payments until the student's account is brought current.
No certificate, declaration or other information, unless related to tuition, will be issued to students with past due tuition.