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International Student's Fee

Following the publication of the Decree-Law no.36/2014 from 10th March 2014 and the decision of the General Council of the University of Coimbra on 24th March 2014, Portuguese students or students with a similar status and International students are subject to the payment of a different tuition fee.

Definition of International Student

Every student that is not Portuguese or do not have a similar status as described below, and that enrols for the first time at a Portuguese higher education institution by means of:

1.Special contest of access and admission to Bachelor and Integrated Master's degree courses for international students (;
2.System of change of course or transfer (;
3.Application to a 2nd cycle or 3rd cycle of studies (


1. International Students that are registered in the academic year 2013/2014 at the University of Coimbra continue to pay the same tuition fee amount as the Portuguese students and Students with a similar status as long as they are registered at the UC, without any interruption, in a degree course.

2. Students having a dual nationality (Portuguese or an EU nationality) also pay the same tuition fee as the students with a similar status to Portuguese students. However, they can not apply by means of the special contest for international students.

Definition of Portuguese student or student with a similar status

1.Students who have Portuguese nationality;
2.Students who have a European Union nationality;
3.Foreign citizens living legally in Portugal for more than two years, uninterruptedly, on 31st August from the year they intend to apply to a higher education institution, and their children living legally with them as well. The time of residence in Portugal with a Student Visa does not count towards this purpose;
4.International mobility students, under an interchange agreement with that aim;

Foreign citizens who enter Portuguese Higher Education Institutions under the special access systems within the scope of the National Contests for Access, (consult at     

a. Citizens from Portuguese-speaking African Countries;

b. Nationals from East Timor and children of nationals of East Timor;

c. Foreign staff members of a diplomatic mission accredited in Portugal and their relatives also living in Portugal, under a system of reciprocity.