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Degrees and related information

This section contains information regarding the doctorate degree and the academic title of tenure and their respective exams as well as procedures for equivalency and recognition of foreign diplomas.

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  • Tenure — academic title attesting the professional, scientific and pedagogical academic credentials of its holder, in a subject area or specialty, as well as the research capabilities and aptitude for directing and carrying out independent scientific work.
  • Doctorate — academic title of doctorate degree.
  • Equivalency of a foreign degree under the terms of executive order no. 283/83 of 21 June — process by which foreign academic degree are compared to a Portuguese degree in terms of level, duration and program content.
  • Recognition of foreign diplomas under terms of executive order 283/83 of 21 June provides for the recognition of a foreign degree when, in Portuguese Higher Education system, a degree at the same level is not offered.
  • Recognition of foreign higher education degrees (executive order no. 341/2007 of 12 October) — the process by which a foreign higher education degree at the level and with identical aspects and objectives as the degrees of bachelor, master or doctorate.
  • Doctoral robes - clothing that candidates must wear when sitting for doctoral or tenure exams. It includes black pants or skirt, white shirt, coat, long black cape and black shoes. The committee members should wear the academic robes of the institution that granted their degree.