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Academic Exams and Recognitions

Academic Exams

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There may be public defences taking place at the FACULTY OF ECONOMICS (FEUC) and at the FACULTY OF LAW (FDUC) which may be watched on each Faculty’s Youtube channel available by means of the menu on the right "Canais Oficiais UC" »

Academic Exam - public defence of Dissertation (Master's degree), Thesis (PhD degree) or Lecture (Tenure) or Proposal (aptitude to perform scientific coordination functions).

The public defences of Dissertations are handled at the Faculties. Therefore, they are not mentioned on this webpage.

Doctoral robe – an academic garment that applicants must wear when sitting PhD or Tenure exams. It includes black trousers or skirt, white shirt, coat, long black cape and black shoes. The examination board members must wear the academic garments of the institution that awarded them the PhD degree.

Tenure - academic title attesting the academic, professional, scientific and pedagogical CV of its holder, in a subject area or speciality, as well as the research capabilities and ability to lead and carry out independent scientific work.

Qualification to perform scientific coordination functions - an academic tittle concerning the performance of scientific coordination functions, aimed to ascertain the merit of the scientific work of the applicant and his/her ability to coordinate scientific research programmes and post-graduation training.

PhD Degree — academic title attesting the PhD degree obtained after concluding a PhD Degree Course (3rd Cycle of Studies) or by means of a PhD Defence in accordance with the Special System for the Thesis Presentation established by the Portuguese legislation and whose procedure is specified in the University of Coimbra Regulation.

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Recognition of Foreign Degrees and Diplomas

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