ECMI Modelling Week 2015

ECMI Modelling Week 2015

Between July 19 and July 26 2015, the Department of Mathematics of the IST-UL and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Coimbra organise the  ECMI-Modelling Week 2015. 
This event will take place at the IST-UL and will gather more than 60 mathematics students  from ECMI institutions from various European countries, together with academic supervisors and representatives from industry. The event has been taking place yearly at varying locations in Europe. Students (typically at the level of Masters degree courses) work together in groups on projects defined and supervised jointly by academic and industrial cooperation partners, and thus find out how mathematics contributes to the solution of currently relevant industrial problems. 

The student participants will be presented a number of problems from various application contexts and form teams that are going to tackle one of the problems during the following week. Under the guidance of an instructor, they have to understand the problem sufficiently well to decide on the fundamental modelling approach (or possibly to try out more than one approach). After that, the actual model will be developed and a solution method will be devised and implemented, using MATLAB, C, C++ or other languages or packages. After five days of working and learning, students and instructors present their results to all other participants, instructors as well as representatives from industrial partners and ECMI institutions. Finally, each group prepares a report on the assigned problem and its solution.