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School Insurance of the University of Coimbra

To be covered by the school insurance, students must be registered in the corresponding academic year.

The multipurpose certificate proves that students are enrolled and covered by the school insurance.

How to activate the insurance?
1. The students or their representatives should go to one of front-offices of the Academic Services and hand in the Insurance Company form. Click here to download the form.
2. The form has to be filled in and signed by the injured student. All documents related to the injury must be attached to the form (medical report and invoice with treatment expenses to be reimbursed by the Insurance Company).

The school insurance covers the following risks*:

Death or permanent disability up to
€ 20.000,00
Funeral expenses up to
€ 5.000,00
Medical expenses up to € 10.000,00
Civil liability of the student
€ 5.000,00
Civil liability of the University of Coimbra
€ 25.000,00

* Full copy of the school insurance policy for students registered at UC, with the conditions, risks and amounts of the coverage, is available at in the option "Normas e Procedimentos » "Seguro Escolar - Condições Contratuais e Caderno de Encargos". Here we transcribe clause 3:

“1. (…) the payment of compensations as a result of accidents (chance event, sudden and unforeseeable, caused by an external factors, contrary to the desire of the insurance holder, which causes bodily injuries that can be clinically tested and proved) taking place within the scope of the school activities:
a) Within the university facilities during the following periods of time:
- Class or working times;
- Free time foreseen in the school timetables;
- Curricular or extra-curricular activities, social and sports’ activities, research practice, organised and authorized by the university.
b) Outside the facilities of the university: field trips, open-air classes, practical classes, traineeships related to academic activities, extra-curricular activities, social and sports’ activities, promoted or supported by the university;
c) Regular, direct round-trip from the students’ place of residence to the university premises or the places mentioned in the previous sub-paragraph, excluding any voluntary stop of the student before reaching the final destination;
d) Missions abroad promoted or approved by the UC, namely participation in conferences, seminars, research project meetings in Portugal and abroad, among other outreach activities;
e) Sports’ practice at UC, within the scope of university sports, sports’ activities promoted by the Academic Association of Coimbra (AAC), as long as they’re within the scope of the university’s activities and aims;
f) Cultural activities carried out by the Director or by the Cultural Groups of the Academic Association of Coimbra, inside or outside UC, as long as they’re within the scope of the university’s activities and aims;
g) Activities carried out by the students within the scope of the UC Welfare Actions (including the activities foreseen in the regulation nr. 319/2013 of 31 July published in the Diário da República, 2nd series, nr. 162, of 23 August 2013).
2. The insurance shall also cover students that go abroad or come from abroad to UC within the framework of student exchange programmes, namely Erasmus, among others, who are registered in the UC student database. It covers also students under the national student exchange programme “Almeida Garrett”.
Note: if you consider that this insurance policy is not entirely suitable to your case, you should take out another or additional insurance.